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Are you a writer?  Always wanted to publish a book?  Have you tried submitting it to a publisher to no avail?  Maybe we can help.  We can assist you in getting your book published.  No, we are not going to publish the book for you, but we will help you go through the process of self publishing.  It can be a daunting and scary task if you do not know the procedure.  That is where "Sold Out Media" steps in to the rescue. 

We act as the liaison between your manuscript sitting on your hard drive to the finished printed book sitting on your bookshelf.  We help you to navigate in the treacherous waters of the unknown in how to publish a book.  We also will get prices for you from some of our printing services, show you how to get an ISBN, how to copyright the book, how to format the book for publishing and even design a cover for the book that looks professional and eye catchy.

Our book cover designs are very affordable.  Prices start at just $250. That price includes the front, back and spine art work.

Give us a call today to discuss your next book.  We look forward to working with you so that your idea can be put into print.